A new horizon for carbon dioxide management - CO2 removal
Carbon Removal (1 ton CO2) - ECOERA Millennium(TM) Biochar Carbon Sink
Carbon Removal (1 ton CO2) - ECOERA Millennium(TM) Biochar Carbon Sink
Carbon Removal (1 ton CO2) - ECOERA Millennium(TM) Biochar Carbon Sink

Carbon Removal (1 ton CO2) - ECOERA Millennium(TM) Biochar Carbon Sink


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This is for the person wanting a true, long term and sustainable way of removing emissions. You are already understanding the need to reduce your own emissions and that a net removal of CO2 is required for the emissions you can not reduce. This service is carbon removal, removing carbon dioxide in the form of biochar and stores it away in soils - for you to get to Net-Zero. 

Our biochar carbon sink, generated in Sweden, stores away carbon dioxide equivalents for your emissions. "First generation" offsets merely lower emissions, but our service reduces the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and holds the carbon over centuries and millennia.

Biochar – derived from biomass residues - is a stable form of carbon that sequesters and “locks away” CO2 as we store it in soils. It is, therefore, an effective carbon sink. It is also highly quantifiable and therefore gives a traceable, transparent and sustainable way of managing carbon. The carbon removed has a beyond thousand-year stability. The carbon stability in the biochar is third party verified through being compliant with the strict standards of the European Biochar Certificate. The process generates a Carbon Removal from Biochar Negative Emissions (CRBN) certificate for purchase. One CRBN equals one metric tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

Biomass residues, the raw material for creating the biochar carbon sink, is generated through Skånefrö, a Swedish seed company and processed at an agro bioenergy platform called BIOAGRO Energy. The biochar is created in a pyrolysis unit at Skånefrös facility in Hammenhög, Sweden. 

Using biochar is a surefire way of storing carbon in a safe, sustainable and simple way – not needing expensive CCS (carbon capture and storage) equipment. Biochar puts climate change in reverse gear. It is now possible for you to use this power with The ECOERA Millennium Biochar Carbon Removal service.

This service is to help bury the carbon emitted for your life or operations. We do _not_ encourage anyone to fly, but when you have to - use the most robust and effective way of handling the emissions.

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Customer testimonial:

”- ECOERA AB is a swedish company that creates biochar to remove the emissions we have already caused. It is an interesting method for those who really wants to do something that have a lasting effect. 

Pär Holmgren, meterologist, author on climate change, and ECOERA customer.