Become Climate Positive

We enable the Carbon Transformation by making your organisation go climate positive using carbon removal from our sustainable biochar carbon sink.

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Tested in large-scale applications

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Millennium Biochar

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Biochar in all sizes

We deliver in the format of your choice and specific needs

Urban Green Infrastructure Knowledge Partner

We provide tailored solutions for your biochar project

Industrial applications

We provide product-service tailored for industrial applications of biochar such as biogas facilitites

Our offers

Industrial Knowledge Partner

From our experience, we can provide consultancy services and specific tailor-made product-service bundles for industrial applications, such as biogas facilities.

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Biochar production plant in Hammenhög, Sweden

Carbon Removal

Our traceable and local biochar carbon sink removes and stores your personal or enterprise emissions. The purchase and third party verification is done through the platform.

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ECOERA Millennium Biochar Products

We can create tailor-made biochar products for your need. We have in-house molecular biology competence to serve you. Our biochar serves as a biostimulant when used together with cultured aerobic bacteria. We supply you with raw biochar medium and instructions for stimulating your soil to get the best results

Our historical roots

ECOERA Sustainable Biochar Systems

Millennium Biochar carbon removal is a result from research and innovation at the biochar innovation company ECOERA. It is the world first biochar only carbon removal platform, starting in 2009 as we begun our journey with Swedens first large-scale biochar application in West Sweden. ECOERA is a Swedish biochar innovation company leading the biochar revolution by providing technologies, knowledge and tools enabling sustainable small-scale and urban agriculture. The company was founded at Chalmers Ventures in collaboration with Skånefrö AB. We have been awarded the status as WWF Climate Solver company. With our partners, we provide a full platform for biochar production using designer biochar from pelletized agro-residue blends with full traceability from the source and content.