Ecoera has the great luxury of having access to a network of highly experienced corporate partners within the bioenergy industry.


Äfab is the bioenergy competence hub in Sweden, holding over 20 years of experience withing the fields of bioenergy fuel and equipment. ÄFAB is on US Ambassador Michael Woods list of promising swedish bioenergy companies.

Earthtech Energy Ltd.

Earthtech Energy is an MN-based agropellet development company specialized in the fields of biomass blends and smaller appliances for agropellet heating.


The BIOAGRO ENERGY facility is managed by Skånefrö AB in Tommarp. This system gives Ecoera access to produce designer residue pellets for biochar production and carbon sequestration. The BIOAGRO Energy facility also convert by-product biomass into a renewable source of energy.

Minneapolis Biomass Exchange

The Minneapolis Biomass Exchange is a free listings service and biomass/biofuel trade platform enabling a more streamlined biomass pricing and supply for bioenergy use. ECOERA was part of setting up the platform in the startup stage.

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and Chalmers Ventures

Ecoera was founded within the context of CSE. The realization of the startup would not have been possible without the superior education, funding and consultancy given at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and Chalmers Ventures