Wheat grower competition now boosted with biochar

The competition Wheat Master (Vetemästaren) is underway – ECOERA and Skånefrö adds biochar to the table in a bold move to help the wheat cope with any coming summer drought. It is actually too late to try the biochar, but we chose to take this chance says Sven-Olof Bernhoff at Skånefrö AB. Next time we are the competition will have biochar already loaded into the soil prior to sowing. This will be an exciting trial anyways.

Vetemästaren 2014 biokolfält








ECOERA and swedish seed company Skånefrö have since long been partnering in conducting the biochar trials and more news about these will come during this spring.

The link to the article in Lantmannen: Tidningen Lantmannen Biokol Skånefrö EcoEra 140402

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