Ecoera was founded at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and Chalmers Ventures in 2007. The team consists of experts within biomass bioenergy systems, business development, carbon offsets, molecular biology, biochar R&D, crop field trials and plant sciences. Ecoera has tight collaborations with a broad bioenergy and biochar competence network providing knowledge and advice. Ecoera continuously strives to realize a sustainable agriculture and energy system where ecosystem-services can be valued and carbon restored from the air to soil. We are part of the IBI Biochar Carbon Stability Protocol Expert Panel.

Our missions are:

1: to remove carbon from the atmosphere at an industrial level with the aim to reach pre-industrial levels of 350 ppm CO2 before the end of the century.

2: Making the agricultural land fertile enough to feed 10 billion people on this planet.

The Ecoera Sustainability Policy (in Swedish): Open the policy as PDF.