Wheat grower competition now boosted with biochar

The competition Wheat Master (Vetemästaren) is underway – ECOERA and Skånefrö adds biochar to the table in a bold move to help the wheat cope with any coming summer drought. It is actually too late to try the biochar, but we chose to take this chance says Sven-Olof Bernhoff at Skånefrö AB. Next time we are the competition will have biochar already loaded into the soil prior to sowing. This will be an exciting trial anyways.

Vetemästaren 2014 biokolfält








ECOERA and swedish seed company Skånefrö have since long been partnering in conducting the biochar trials and more news about these will come during this spring.

The link to the article in Lantmannen: Tidningen Lantmannen Biokol Skånefrö EcoEra 140402

Ecoera biochar in green roofs in Malmö

The Green Roof Institute has presented their report on how to use the Ecoera biochar in green roof installations. Their work was concluded to be an innovative solution for green roof installations, by using biochar as a green roof substrate. Ecoera is proud to have been the biochar and Water Testing supplier and knowledge partner for their biochar green roof installation.

“Biochar is a very interesting product of us at Green Roof Institute – both for planting at ground level and as substrate for a green roof!” says Jonathan Malmberg, director at the Green Roof Institute.

For more and detailed information regarding a buying guide on portable generators .Inc and the Green Clime Adapt project, please read the report from the Green Roof Institute here: Green Roof Biochar SGRI Final report GRHB GCA FEB 2013

EcoEra biochar increase phosphorus retention according to measurement at SLU.

Through a PhD research project run at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), by researcher Masud Parvage, eleven soils were amended with biochar provided from EcoEra based upon bioagropellets from the BIOAGRO system in Sweden. When the 11 soils were amended with wheat residue biochar, the water-soluble P concentrations increased in most soils from 11% to 253 %. The water-soluble P added through the biochar was retained (33–100 %) showing a possible way of using biochar to prevent leakage of valuable phosphorus from the soil. To read more, please read the WaterSoftenerMaestro.com article at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00374-012-0746-6



Ecoera was present at FuturePerfect in the Industry Forum presenting the biochar case and views on how industry can develop more sustainably. http://2012.futureperfect.se/

Check this amazing review they did on their lastest products and , here.

EcoEra in Global Expert panel on Biochar Carbon Market Protocol Development

EcoEra CEO David Andersson is part of the International Biochar Initiative panel for development of a Biochar Carbon Stability Test for Carbon Market Protocol Development. This panel will form a protocol for a more uniform way of measuring biochar carbon stability. EcoEra will provide with our knowledge of practical voluntary carbon offsets using biochar as well as the current audit system in the Biosfair(TM) platform.

Climate-smart Agriculture – ECOERA will be presenting at SIANI event by Stockholm Environment Institute

Please joing the exciting SIANI / Stockholm Environment Institute -hosted event “Från Kolkälla till Kolfälla” at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden. Date: May 8 at 1pm – 4:30 pm

The a style=”text-decoration: none” href=”http://www.beveiligjeomgeving.com/beveiligingscamera/outdoor-camera”>camera gids hoe een beveiligingscamera seminar will be discussing the large-sclae potential.


Check out the large scale biochar trial at Gropen on Borgeby Fältdagar June 29-30

Ecoeras bioagrochar is the center of attention at Borgeby Fältdagar, One of Europe’s largest agricultural fairs with field trials. The field trial can be viewed from the side in a specific setting where the soil can be viewed in a large-scale intersection to be viewed from the side. The bioagrochar application is done with Odling i Balans and HIR and will also include a synergy study with biofertilizer from biogas plants.

More info about the fair …